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About Lucky Guild

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About Lucky Guild

Post by Caleb on Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:44 pm

Status: Full
Name: Lucky
Server: Global
Forum: Click here

Level: 40
Rank: Conqueror or higher
Activity: 2+ hours of game play time every day
Language: English

You cannot have an alternate account in the guild. Only your main character can join.
You must act mature.
You must be able to speak English properly.
You must be active, you do not need to be online 24/7, but at the least often enough so that I know your name.
You must be friendly, we do not need people being rude to other guild members. If there is an issue between guild members, it must be bought to the attention of the leaders.
You must be helpful and honest, as a guild we should be able to trust each other and help wherever/whenever we can.
You must be very talkative.
You must have a sense of humor.
You must not hack/glitch/scam.
You must not spam the guild chat.
*Rules may change or be added and without a notice.

Leader: SupremeCaleb
Vice Leader: killa'd




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